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University of Khartoum Satellite Ground Station
The first educational Satellite Ground Station in Sudan.






University of Khartoum ,Department of Electrical and Electronics 4th floor ,tower building .
Locator: KK65GO
Latitude: 15.6133 N
Longtitude: 32.5388 E
Altitude: 400 M



The control Ground station for the Khartoum University Cubesat (KN-Sat1) project.
Inspire others institute in the field of space science and satellite technology.
Teaching many curriculums related to space science.

Sharing the worldwide network of universities ground stations that tracking cubeSat .

Beside the tremendous benefits in teaching many curriculums related to space science, Khartoum University Satellite Ground Station will contributes it benefits to many academic collages. Scientific and practical Lectures on other related topics could be prepared for student as hand-on experience.

Teachers and students.
• Physics Science.
• Agriculture science
• Engineering and Mathematics science.
• Aerospace Science.
• Telecommunication.
• Astronomers.
• Electronic Science.
• Navigation Science.
• Computer Science.
• Geosciences and Meteorology.
• weather and atmospheric research.

Example of the practical workshop and demonstration lectures on many scientific fields which could be provided by the Khartoum University Satellite Ground Station:



  • Study with practical the Kepler's laws of planetary motionhow with practical application
    of Kepler's element in satellite tracking.
  • Receiving other Universities educational cube satellite telemetry data .
  • Using a software to analyses the collected telemetry data to study the health of the spacecraft and their mission, e.g. solar and battery voltage satellite temperature etc.
  • Study with a practical approach space communication laws e.g. Doppler's law and its effects on satellite receiving signals.
  • Knowing how to build and run a high tech low cost satellite ground station.
  • Installing a different kind of transceivers feed lines and antennas.
  • Study the different kind of satellite communication mode ,modulations and protocol .
  • Hand on practical experience on digital communication, phone communication, and mores communication use by Cube Satellites .
  • Practical Workshops on antennas design e.g. Yagi antenna, circular polarization antenna and dipole antenna.
  • Receiving (NOAA) Weather satellite picture and use weather satellite decoding software.
  • Building and run a satellite internet gate (sat gate).
  • Practical map analysis software.
  • Automatic Position Reporting System software (APRS)
  • Automation software.
  • Tracking many satellites and study how to use tracking programs.



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